Forensic Accounting

Our expertise enables us to be familiar with the needs of the legal team and with the importance of meeting tight deadlines...

We have developed a wealth of expertise in providing forensic reports to assist the court.

Forensic Accounting in Newry, Co Down

We have a comprehensive library of relevant publications and together with our own precedent reports we can research scenarios with great efficiency and timeliness as they arise. We have also developed a number of standard report layouts that enable us to quickly produce the reports and computations comprising a standard claim.

Our work approach is to ensure that we gather together all information relevant to the financial issues of the cases and to establish the appropriate assumptions in the critical areas. We issue a comprehensive report and calculations setting out our conclusions and the quantum of the claim.

Our expertise enables us to be familiar with the needs of the legal team and with the importance of meeting tight deadlines and we have, when necessary, turned cases around in a very short period of time. We aim to help ensure clues are not missed, dangerous self-defeating arguments are not advanced, less obvious costs are not missed, insupportable claims are exposed and taxation is correctly taken into account.

Personal Injury and Fatal Accident

We have provided comprehensive reports for the plaintiff quantifying losses arising from personal injury or fatal accidents. We also, where necessary, have computed a cost of care claim on the basis of the disability consultants report.

Criminal Injury

We have experience of special claims under the criminal injury compensation scheme. Our cases have covered a wide range of calculations, for example, quantifying the losses for a professional footballer who had been ‘knee-capped’ by paramilitaries.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation may arise either for misrepresentation of breach of Contract, disputes over warranties, due diligence, shareholder disputes or a variety of other problems. In these cases we use our business expertise to quantify losses, evaluate offers, assess internal control systems, and assist in negotiation to resolve disputes.

Negligence Actions

We provide opinion on professional standards in areas of Auditing, Accounting, Taxation and Corporate Finance, Insolvency and Management Consultancy, and we also evaluate the quantity of losses arising from the negligence of other professionals such as lawyers, architects, doctors, surveyors etc.

Business Valuations

Business life often leads to disputes between partners or shareholders which cannot be resolved without establishing a value for the underlying business. We have considerable experience in advising the parties to such disputes and we have acted as expert witnesses when agreement cannot be reached and litigation ensued.

Matrimonial Settlements

We have expertise in preparing matrimonial reports for domestic proceedings, and also business break-ups. The values of the matrimonial assets are often disputed. When the disputed assets include a business or shares in a private company our valuation expertise can be called upon to arrive at a settlement or to perform an evaluation of income. We can appear as expert witness if agreement cannot be reached.

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